Three days of fun

This was an amazing weekend and a great experience. Today we saw quite intense games in this anusual format – 5 vs. 5 as a Squad. Liked playing it as well as looking the games. Never became boring. But most of all this Bikepolo-Weekend was great fun!

For me, the greatest thing is to be part of it. Since 2010 we play Bikepolo and I´m so glad that I can do this. On the one hand it´s the intensity of the game with the physical development. On the other hand it is, how all of this happens. In the beginning I was a bit nervous and insecure. But this Bikepolo community is some kind of special. It´s not only about friendship and respect. It´s much more. It´s open-minded and fair. Never met such people before or made such experiences. There for I´m really grateful.

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